(SECONDS/DISCOUNTED) Mr. Brewstie Mugs V.01

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✿ If you would like to see a better view of the mugs, please send me an e-mail! I'll send you a video where you can see every flaw of the mugs! Unfortunately, my website only allows 5 photos per product, so it's hard to show everything!)

✿ Stoneware clay
✿ Number 5
✿ NOT food-safe
✿ Height: approx. 6.5cm
✿ Width: approx. 7.5cm (10.5cm including the handle)
✿ Weight: approx. 214gr
✿ Holds approx. 312ml
✿ This mug has some cracks around the face and handle :( It's not food-safe because it has some glaze flaws inside the mug!

✿ Number 10
✿ Food-safe
✿ Height: approx. 7cm
✿ Width: approx. 7cm (11cm including the handle)
✿ Weight: approx. 250gr
✿ Holds approx. 305ml
✿ This mug has a lot of cracks around the face and handle :(

The ceramic kids have feelings and need to be treated with care!
✿ Microwave safe, but not recommended!
✿ Handwashing only;
✿ Need lots of love!

Please note:
✿ All ceramics are wheel-thrown, designed and hand-painted by me, each is completely one of a kind and there will be visible "flaws".
✿ Colors may differ from screen to screen.